Additional links 1/4" x 5 segments

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Lengthen the arm of the COMPACT Lens Shade to your exact specification with 5 extra arm segments.



This item is only available direct from our website.

Caveat emptor / let the buyer beware: this is a “sold as” item, with no refunds.


A significant number of our customers do not have sufficient hand strength to connect the pieces.  It is very, VERY difficult to connect these small segments together.  Saying that, the arm of the COMPACT Lens Shade can – and has been – length adjusted by many photographers and videographers, and there has been enough demand for this product that we are making this piece available with full disclosure that not all end-users are strong enough to reconnect the segments.


The Additional Link ¼” are NOT sold as a standard accessory in the Dinkum Systems product line via our network of dealers.  The reason for that is the re-assembly of the smaller gauge arm of the COMPACT Lens Shade is extremely difficult. 


The item is delivered unpackaged as pictured and billed at a flat rate of $4.95.  This purchase price includes the cost of shipping within the Lower 48 States of the USA.  Orders placed by customers outside of this domestic shipping zone of the United States will not be processed until a shipping quote has been finalized and additional charges paid by the customer.



- if you're able, put the "male" end of the segments in the freezer for 5 minutes and heat the "female" end on receiving piece with a hair dryer.
- whether or not the above strategy is feasible (understanding you might be in the field when making this customization), we highly recommend adding a small bit of lubricant (a tiny smear of dishwashing liquid or hand soap works fine).
- line the pieces up exactly square.  If there is any angle between the links as they're pressed together they will not reconnect.  Push the connecting pieces together as hard as you can.  The Additional Links are almost impossible to break, so exert significant pressure here until you hear the "pop" sound as the pieces click into place. 
- once the links are connected and back to room temp, you'll have the shade at the length you desire, and should be able to manipulate the arm as you desire.