A clever mounting solution for your smart security system...

A clever mounting solution for your smart security system...

Posted by Andi Lucas on 17th Oct 2016

Probably the only thing worse than feeling insecure is actually being insecure.

Luckily there are great security monitoring products out there like this one from Arlo Smart Home which partner brilliantly with our patented, length adjustable clamping mounts.  In a fast-paced world, it can only be a good thing to be able to quickly and easily mount security cameras from smart systems like this one.

For small retailers, this is a great solution to the problem of shoplifters who quickly learn where blind-spots exist from fixed cameras.  A length-adjustable, easily positionable mount with a strong spring clamp like the ActionPod allows for the easy movement of cameras so you can beat the thief.  For event and crowd control staff, combining wireless security cameras with a quick release mount like ours allows you to quickly set up and have eyes everywhere, even as you're working in unfamiliar venues or in spaces where drilling into walls to mount cameras in the traditional way just isn't an option.

Another smart partnership between our trusty little mounts and all types of cameras.  

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