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Learning DSLR feels the Dinkum love

A cracking review of our trusty ActionPod mount and COMPACT lens shade from LearningDSLR.com. http://learningdslr.com/2013/01/review-flaredinkum-compact-and-dinkum-actionpod/

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A cool little jaunt to Bonneville Salt Flats

The ActionPod PRO has one of the rides of its (slightly shortened) life recently when shooter Trever Scales took the mount for a spin at 98 miles per hour on the Bonneville Salt Flats!

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A big month for us and it's only just begun!

What an exciting month so far - five new dealers signed selling our entire range; our trusty ActionPod mount helping the crew capture awesome shots for Travel Channel's new series "Trip Flip" plus another chance to hang out with the GoPro team at Outdoor Retailer...  The awsome GoPro camera and our little mount is a [...]

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Guests of GoPro at CineGear LA

We were thrilled to be asked into the GoPro booth at CineGear in LA last week - having such an incredible company acknowledge what a useful little mount we make was a major coup, and spending two days with the super gracious team from GoPro was great fun.

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We're open for business!

After nearly two years refining our exisiting products and adding new items to the line we're officially (re)opened for business!  

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