Sea Kayaking in the Bahamas

Sea Kayaking in the Bahamas

Posted by Andi Lucas on 27th Jun 2017

Dinkum Systems Founder and Emmy award-winning cinematographer John Mans reports from the field:On location in the Bahamas shooting for Travel Channel we needed to cover a segment which included our cast paddling a sea kayak from one cove to the next.Time was short, as always, and the main coverage was to be shot by a drone and land-based long lens.  Although I brought my whole rigging kit and was ready to place cameras off to the side with Matthews MICROGrip arms and clamps, the director said there wasn't enough time AND wanted clean shots from the drone about half way through the paddlers little expedition.  Adding to those challenges, the sea kayaks were smooth, wide, and had few penetrations on which to tighten or fasten anything.Solution: Dinkum Systems ActionPod PROs.      The ActionPod PROs, with their narrow, long jaws, are ideal to clamp onto the carry-handles.  Nothing could be quicker.   Additionally, the direct … read more
Don't Let Rain Stop Play!

Don't Let Rain Stop Play!

Posted by Andi Lucas on 24th May 2017

Dinkum Systems Founder and Emmy award-winning cinematographer John Mans reports from the field:This week I'm up in Anchorage, Alaska shooting an HGTV show, and while it's beautiful up north, we're dealing with shoot days where it's just rain, rain, rain... Given that we can't change our schedule around, we just have to deal with the wet conditions.The DJI Osmo on my 25' jib arm has become a crucial part of this home-buying show and I've been regularly employing a jib set up on this series (as explained in a few previous blogs).  So while I can't make the rain go away, with a carbon-fiber pole, a little bit of weatherproof clothing for myself, and a bunch of Dinkum options I can at least keep it off my gear!    This combination would also be a perfect and fast set up for any real estate video, wedding video, or any shoot that needs to show grandeur and large spaces in any conditions.  When it's rainy out, all you have to do to … read more

Everything old is new again...

22nd Jul 2013

The official launch of our nifty PRO PACK is less the arrival of a “new” product than a case of the natural evolution of us putting some of our most useful components together in one handy little bag.   The beauty of this Tardis-like kit is that the range of different shade, mount and grip options is really only limited by your imagination.  We’ve put together a little video to show how Dinkum Systems owner and working DP John Mans often uses the gear, knowing full well there will still be a bunch of things we haven’t thought of.  This ability to customize the gear to your specific needs is one of the best bits about the Dinkum System’s system.    The lightweight and strong canvas bag (with useful hang-holes) retails at $169.95 and gives hard working production crews great bang for the buck.  To purchase all the gear you can make from these components individually would cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  The P … read more

Brilliant video from one of our customers - with a twist!

17th Apr 2013

You know when you say to customers, "...hey, feel free to send us images of you using our gear in the field, if we post it you'll be rewarded" and then someone blows your tiny mind with a hilarious and inventive video? Nope, nor did we! The bar has been set pretty high now, we gotta say - an absolute fair dinkum classic... Check out the video here!  

Fantastic review of our DSLR lens shade and camera mount!

27th Mar 2013

We love waking up to find another absolute stonker of a review for our COMPACT lens shade for DSLRs and the awesome ActionPod camera mount.  We've always been impressed by the time and effort Caleb Pike takes with his DSLR Video Shooter blog and have personally benefited from his previous posts giving top tips on other highly useful camera gear.  To say he gets how our system of gear works is an understatement - we literally couldn't have said it better ourselves. And no, we're not related and no, we didn't pay him!  Loving the way the word is spreading, with high calibre folk like this beating the Dinkum drum the sky is the limit.