​'Pack Rafting' with Dinkum Systems

​'Pack Rafting' with Dinkum Systems

Posted by Andi Lucas on 21st Jun 2017

Dinkum Systems Founder and Emmy award-winning cinematographer John Mans reports from the field:I worked on a Travel Channel show called, "Alaska - Water and Ice" that aired recently. The network people really liked a couple of the segments that I shot, and Dinkum Systems had much to do with the footage we got.The show is about what you can do for fun in remote areas of Alaska. It's a 1-hour; there are around eight segments which run 4-5 minutes each; and the producers gave my small team just one day to shoot each segment. One of my segments was about packrafting which required our five person crew - DP, B-cam, Producer, Audio and one PA - to hike a few miles up a valley carrying two Canon C300's, two Canon 5D's, a DJI Osmo, a slo-mo Sony FS700, a drone, several GoPro's, mounts, lights, and a JIB, all the while shooting along the way. To achieve the jib shots, I used a 25' carbon fiber pole from an old Polecam, and clamped my Osmo onto the … read more

Dinkum Adventures in the Jungle - Shooting with Animal Planet

4th Dec 2013

Filming in the field for programs like Animal Planet's Catch and Release shot in Costa Rica means getting the shot even during difficult conditions. Our Dinkum System's ActionPod, ActionPod Pro, and FlexiMount are often are used for more than camera and mic mounts. From rigging up a 'jungle jib' to acting as a life saving device for camera operator Lara Weatherly, Dinkum System's has you covered. See all of Dinkum Systems life saving ;-) camera mounts.   Photos by Dinkum Systems Founder & DP John Mans. … read more

Cyber Monday Holiday Sale from Dinkum Systems!

2nd Dec 2013

Happy Holidays from Dinkum Systems! Enjoy 25% fff our entire website today only for Cyber Monday with code "MERRYDINKUM." All camera and microphone mounts, lens shades, and all of our camera and film accessories are included in this one day sale!

Reviews and how to use 'em

19th Aug 2013

One thing we love at Dinkum Systems is getting great reviews from people using our gear in the field.  While we know our camera mounts and lens shades are some of the best in the business, it takes time for a small company like ours to build momentum and spread the word about our line.  We get a huge kick out of seeing positive comments like these on our retailers sites (please note, none of these comments are written by us, for us or by our mums!): This is so cool! I use it to mount additional lighting for video projects. It's strong enough to hold my 2 lb light, and then some. I didn't realize when I bought it, but the clip is also shaped perfectly to grip to a tripod stand, so I could clip my light on right under my camera, or on another light stand to fill light from a different angle. I love this thing!  Kimba the Brave (Boston, MA) Pretty impressive and strong. I plan on using it for flash mounting. Brian Joseph Photography (New York, NY) I use it to mount my … read more

Renan Ozturk, Jimmy Chin & The Art of Climbing

29th Jul 2013

Having our Northern Hemisphere HQ positioned in gorgeous Boulder, Colorado, we’re always psyched when we see our gear being used in the great outdoors.  We constantly use our products when hiking, biking, skiing, rafting and climbing and have plenty of mates in the community here who count our lightweight, quick release camera mounts and lens shades as essential parts of their personal kit.   To say that we were pretty thrilled to see one of our trusty ActionPod camera mounts being used by legendary adventure sports photographer and filmmaker Jimmy Chin during a shoot by expedition climber and filmaker Renan Ozturk is an understatement.  This stunning clip - “The Art of Climbing” - shows just some of what these incredible athletes and filmmakers can do, with magnificent Yosemite Valley as a playground.  We’re looking forward to connecting with more shooters, climbers, bikers and nature lovers in Salt Lake City this week for the Outdoor Retai … read more