Mounting Lights When Filming Underwater Sequences

Mounting Lights When Filming Underwater Sequences

Posted by Andi Lucas on 11th Oct 2017

Dinkum Systems Founder and Emmy award-winning cinematographer John Mans reports about filming underwater sequences for Travel Channel:For me, the best assignments are shooting at sea or underwater.  Recently, Travel Channel sent me to the Yucatan to shoot stories for one of my favorite series, "Top Secret Swimming Holes". On a recent job, I shot with my Canon 5D inside an Ikelite underwater housing, and used Light and Motion's Sola underwater light.     When filming underwater - especially in a cave - there's often no option to ascend and give directions to the talent because you risk crashing into a stalactite or not finding an air pocket in which to discuss your plans. Shooting the cave scenes, I needed all my lighting options available, so instead of locking my lights onto extension arms (which are generally used in deep open ocean), I used Dinkum Systems Clamp-to-Clamp arm.          With one clamp attached to the underwate … read more

Everything old is new again...

22nd Jul 2013

The official launch of our nifty PRO PACK is less the arrival of a “new” product than a case of the natural evolution of us putting some of our most useful components together in one handy little bag.   The beauty of this Tardis-like kit is that the range of different shade, mount and grip options is really only limited by your imagination.  We’ve put together a little video to show how Dinkum Systems owner and working DP John Mans often uses the gear, knowing full well there will still be a bunch of things we haven’t thought of.  This ability to customize the gear to your specific needs is one of the best bits about the Dinkum System’s system.    The lightweight and strong canvas bag (with useful hang-holes) retails at $169.95 and gives hard working production crews great bang for the buck.  To purchase all the gear you can make from these components individually would cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  The P … read more

Fantastic review of our DSLR lens shade and camera mount!

27th Mar 2013

We love waking up to find another absolute stonker of a review for our COMPACT lens shade for DSLRs and the awesome ActionPod camera mount.  We've always been impressed by the time and effort Caleb Pike takes with his DSLR Video Shooter blog and have personally benefited from his previous posts giving top tips on other highly useful camera gear.  To say he gets how our system of gear works is an understatement - we literally couldn't have said it better ourselves. And no, we're not related and no, we didn't pay him!  Loving the way the word is spreading, with high calibre folk like this beating the Dinkum drum the sky is the limit.

ActionPod review by the Yardbless Pro team

22nd Mar 2013

Spreading the word about our super useful ActionPod camera accessory, the team at Yardbless Pro have put together an awesome video review for the Spanish speaking film community.  The functionality of this camera mount is clear in any language, with Yardbless Pro pointing to the multiple uses as a monitor mount, for microphones and as an essential part of your grip gear kit.