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Don't Let Rain Stop Play!

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Dinkum Systems Founder and Emmy award-winning cinematographer John Mans reports from the field:

This week I'm up in Anchorage, Alaska shooting an HGTV show, and while it's beautiful up north, we're dealing with shoot days where it's just rain, rain, rain... Given that we can't change our schedule around, we just have to deal with the wet conditions.

The DJI Osmo on my 25' jib arm has become a crucial part of this home-buying show and I've been regularly employing a jib set up on this series (as explained in a few previous blogs).  So while I can't make the rain go away, with a carbon-fiber pole, a little bit of weatherproof clothing for myself, and a bunch of Dinkum options I can at least keep it off my gear!    This combination would also be a perfect and fast set up for any real estate video, wedding video, or any shoot that needs to show grandeur and large spaces in any conditions.  

When it's rainy out, all you have to do to protect your Osmo is use one of our clamping CINE Lens Shades which effectively protects the delicate gimbal, and can be easily adjusted so the arm of the shade doesn't get in the shot.  Dinkum Systems' lens shades are not only effective at keeping the sun and flare out of your shot, they're also great for keeping mist and rain off your lens too.

Check out this video of the Dinkum / handheld gimbal setup being operated by B-Camera Operator Tyler Everett.  

In this shot you can see our ActionPod PRO attached to the Osmo handle, which is in turn attached to another ActionPod that holds the phone / monitor. Both mounts have just come off the jib - an easy, single-handed task when dealing with our quick release, super strong spring clamps - with a PRO Lens Shade offering protection from the rain.  

This creative and custom Dinkum Systems 'octopus' makes shooting faster and safer for your gear in terrible weather conditions! 

Dinkum Systems Lens Shades in Action

Dinkum Systems lens shades are flexible and adjustable enough to suit almost any equipment, conditions or set up. Choose from three sizes of lightweight but strong powder-coated aluminium shades with a variety of mount options including ¼"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads, clamps, and our unique hot-shoe mounted COMPACT™ lens shade.The COMPACT™ lens shade is a professional french flag for DSLR’s and [...]

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Gotta love feedback like this...

“I'm a big fan of your french flags, and I keep one in my ditty bag at all times. Can't tell you how often it's saved the day when there's a flare right when we're about to roll. Here it is on a panaflex last weekend!"   Benjamin Tubb We LOVE the fact that Ben is stil [...]

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We got ourselves a patent!

We got ourselves a patent! Our clever inventor and company owner John Mans has just been formally recognized for one of his original designs, with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office issuing a utility patent for the snazzy COMPACT lens shade. The baby brother or, as we sometimes prefer to call it, “Son of Dinkum” lens [...]

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Keeping shots of Vernon Davis drizzle free...

When you're shooting a star like San Francisco 49ers champion Vernon Davis, the last thing you want is drizzle hitting your lens.  Dinkum Systems owner and inventor John Mans didn't need to worry about that problem on a shoot for Travelchannel's "Trip Flip", with his handy COMPACT lens shade poking its head out from under [...]

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Fantastic review of our DSLR lens shade and camera mount!

We love waking up to find another absolute stonker of a review for our COMPACT lens shade for DSLRs and the awesome ActionPod camera mount.  We've always been impressed by the time and effort Caleb Pike takes with his DSLR Video Shooter blog and have personally benefited from his previous posts giving top tips on [...]

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