What's the easiest way to mount an LED panel, you ask?  Let us tell you!

What's the easiest way to mount an LED panel, you ask? Let us tell you!

Posted by Dinkum founder John Mans on 31st Oct 2016

Dinkum Systems Founder and Emmy award-winning cinematographer John Mans shares his thoughts on how the new era of lightweight LED Panels has made our range even more useful, giving you an easy way to solve the onset challenge of quickly mounting lights in a variety of spaces…


Examples of the incredible versatility and ability to mount various LED panel almost anywhere with one of our ActionPod mounts in this behind-the-scenes image from a recent shoot.

“LED light panels have changed the way we light.

Remember when we hauled around heavy, hot, tungsten lights and a bunch of gels, stingers, making apologies to homeowners when we overloaded their circuits?  Times have changed!

Fluorescent lighting reduced the amps and provided daylight and tungsten colors, but were still relatively heavy with ballasts and large fixtures.  While Kino’s are still a fine way to shape light, for cameramen on the go the new lightweight LED's are crucial.

It seems that every day, powerful bi-chromatic LEDs from great manufacturers like Ikan and Fotodio are coming down in weight, coming down in price, and becoming far more flexible.  Some – like the IntellytechAirlight - actually ARE flexible, giving even more options to light the shot.

The Dinkum lens shades and mounts in your kit anticipated this move to lightweight and portable production tools, making our mounts more effective and useful than ever. Forget lugging a bunch of heavy light stands around for your small LED panels!   Virtually all panels have tripod threads, making length-adjustable clamping mounts like our ActionPod PRO the perfect partner for your LED”

- John Mans