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Camera & Mic Mounts

  • ActionPod®


    ActionPod® is a clamping monopod that is genius in its simplicity, providing the quickest, easiest mounting solution on the market.  Utilizing a clamp, a threaded top and a single length-adjustable arm, the camera mount removes the complexity of...

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  • ActionPod® PRO

    ActionPod® PRO

    ActionPod® PRO is a quick clamping mount for any point-and-shoot, DSLR, or action sport camera.  With a large 2 inch spring clamp and longer arm than ActionPod®, the PRO offers even greater flexibility when mounting your device.  The...

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  • FlexiMount™


    FlexiMount™ is a quick-clamping microphone mount with a strong base and 9-link, 11” long arm, which may be accurately positioned for optimum audio results.  It’s the perfect device for the fast set-up required by roadies,...

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  • Phone Grip for Dinkum

    Phone Grip for Dinkum

    The Dinkum Systems Phone Grip for Dinkum DS5102 device has a super strong 2" spring clamp on one end of 13 interlocking segments with a slightly smaller 1" spring clamp on the other.  The length-adjustable modular hose arm has...

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  • Savior Clamp for Dinkum

    Savior Clamp for Dinkum

    The Dinkum Systems Savior Clamp for Dinkum DS1006 device has a super strong 2" spring clamp on one end of 5 interlocking segments with a Savior clamp on the other.  TheDinkum Systems Savior Clamp has been created due to...

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