CINE™ Lens Shade w/ Clamp

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The professional cameraman’s favorite choice for two decades, the Dinkum Systems®CINE™ lens shade helps keep your lens free of sun, dust and drizzle.  Featuring a large 10”x 6½” beveled-edge anti-reflective aluminum shade supported by a super-strong spring clamp and a 15-link, 16" long, multi-directional, length-adjustable arm.  


Designed for use on larger film and video cameras, the CINE lens shade, or “french flag”, attaches quickly and accurately to multiple points on the camera body or mattebox.  The surprisingly strong plastic clamp has 1.5”-wide rubber-coated jaws and pivoting rubber tips which ensure a solid base,  enabling multiple points of attachment, yet eliminating scratches or damage to equipment.


Check out a video of how our system works HERE.

Optional bases:


The Screw Mount is a base that attaches to the threaded receptacle on your accessories block, camera handle or female-threaded mini-Cardellini clamps - providing secure fastening to all standard ¼-20" attachment points. No tools required to interchange parts: simply pop apart, and press back together!

This Fixed Base Mount is ideal for shooters who prefer a mounting solution with a horizontal profile. The Fixed Base Mount tightens on to the ¼”-20 female thread on the handle of professional cameras and provides a low profile with uninterrupted handgrip.

No tools required to interchange parts: simply pop apart, and press back together!


Make your lens shade do double duty as a mount or grip device with our range of interchangeable heads and bases, designed to meet all sorts of on-set challenges.


Specs:  flag is a beveled-edge, powder coated aluminum 10”x 6½”  15-segment arm is 16” long,  clamping base with 1½” jaw opening, weight 15.6 oz.

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