Elbow Bracket only - for OLD style CINE™ & PRO™ lens shades

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If you want to turn your Dinkum Systems® FlexiMount™ or ActionPod® into a CINE or PRO lens shade you'll need one of these nifty adaptor Elbow Brackets.  




This item is only available direct from our website.  


We have TWO styles of Elbow Bracket as we had a change in supplier of the large metal flag and the size of the hole in the flag itself was enlarged on the later production run.  If you have a metal flag with a hole that measures just under 1/2" in diameter you need this older style of Elbow Bracket that has the small, metal thumbscrew. 


The Elbow Bracket allows the shade to be attached to the segmented arm of any of our 3/4" line (excluding the COMPACT™ lens shade for DSLRs and small video cameras). The basic thumbscrew and washer does not require equipment to put together and can be tightened down by hand.  Weight 1.3 oz.


Check out a video of how our system works HERE