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PRO™ Fixed Base Mount Lens Shade

Product Description

Dinkum Systems® PRO Fixed Base Mount is the “french flag” of choice for shooters who prefer a lens shade affixed to the handle of their camera.  Used on shoots in some of the most remote and harsh environments on the planet, the PRO™ helps keep your lens free of sun, dust and drizzle.


It features a 10” anti-reflective aluminum shade supported by a 13-segment, 14-inch, multi-directional, length-adjustable arm.  Designed for use with shoulder-mount cameras, this medium-size shade secures to the ¼”-20 female thread on the handle of professional cameras and provides a low profile with uninterrupted handgrip.


Check out a video of how our system works HERE.


Optional bases:


The original Clamping Mount features a surprisingly strong plastic clamp with 1.5”-wide rubber-coated jaws and pivoting rubber tips which ensure a solid base, while enabling multiple points of attachment. No tools required to interchange parts: simply pop apart, and press back together!

The Screw Mount is a base that attaches to the threaded receptacle on your accessories block, camera handle or female-threaded mini-Cardellini clamps - providing secure fastening to all standard ¼-20" attachment points. No tools required to interchange parts: simply pop apart, and press back together!

Make your lens shade do double duty as a mount or grip device with our range of interchangeable heads and bases, designed to meet all sorts of on-set challenges.


Specs:  flag is aluminum 10”x 6½”,  13-segment arm is 14” long,  standard ¼”-20 male (tripod size) thumbscrew.  Weight 12.3 oz.




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